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What do you think about the game and where do you think Malaysia could have improved on?

It is always exciting to play against the home nation. It creates an “Us against the world feeling” and in this case both figuratively and literally. From the start of the tournament, we were looking forward to this game. As always for Malaysia, we need to be more clinical and hungry to get goals. That’s the only way we can win games.


In the third period, Team Malaysia came back from a 2-goal deficit. What was going through your mind then?

Even with 2 goals down we were confident in our ability to come back. As we are well drilled by the coach and trusted that their tactics would get us the goals that we needed. Also the fighting spirit of Team Malaysia is one of our biggest weapons.


Coming from such a heart-breaking loss, how are you and the boys holding up in preparation for the next game?

It was a tough defeat but the encouragements and motivation coming from each other is holding he team together. We dug ourselves in a deep hole and the only way out is by helping each other out. The team is going through their regular post match routine and preparing for the next game as usual as it will be a new day tomorrow.


What are your thoughts on your next opponent, India?

India plays a very interesting style of Floorball that is very exciting to watch so it will be nice to finally play against them. It will be the first time for me to play against India. I’m looking forward to it

Everyone back home has been showing tremendous support through social media and have been faithfully watching the live stream. What do you have to say to those back home?

Thank you! Thank you and Thank you! It is a privilege to put on the Malaysian flag on our chests and fight on the court knowing that all of you at home are supporting us through thick and thin.