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What did you think of the game and what did you think Malaysia could have improved on?

I thought it was a pretty good game, though, the first period was pretty shaky because we weren’t sure what expect from India. We could have definitely improved in closing their their slot options and being more aggressive in defence while maintaining an aggressive attack. Also, we should have converted more of our chances into goals.


At the 10th minute mark of the 1st period, Team Malaysia was down 4 goals. What was going through your mind then?

We told ourselves to not let the scoreline affect us but to stay focused in the game. The coaches gave us our instructions, so we just had to keep our heads up, follow the instructions and make sure we didn’t give up.


What were your thoughts when the game ended 9-9 and had to go in to overtime?

Overtime is definitely nerve-wrecking because the next goal wins. The simplest of mistakes could be costly. The team was pretty confident, because we had just scored a last minute equaliser and were building momentum. We went in to overtime confident in our ability and managed to emerge victorious.


What do you think about your next opponents, Japan?

Japan is made up of relatively young and fast players. Japan will definitely be a tougher game. But I think, we have the ability to take them on and will definitely fight till the end

Do you have anything to say to those back home?

THANK YOU! It is truly heart-warming knowing that there are people supporting us back home. Please continue to show your support for Team Malaysia. We will do our best to make you proud!