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AOFC Cup 2019 : Post-Tournament Interview with Team Manager – Mohd Hafidz

How has the tournament been from the first day to the last day?

I thought this tournament was a good one. We were really excited as this was our first AOFC Cup for the Mens’ Team. I think it served as good exposure for the team in preparation for the Sea Games 2019 in November.


How did you think the boys did in the AOFC Cup 2019?

We were trying hard to achieve our goal, which was to reach the Semi-Finals. However, we lacked consistency. I truly believe our team has the potential to come back stronger at the upcoming Sea Games 2019.


How have the boys bonded as a team since Day 1 up to now?

There’s definitely a difference in how the team have bonded thus far. At the early stages, there were a few players, especially the new ones who were still shy and nervous, coming in to the national squad. However, as time went by, with the help of coaches and fellow teammates, a tighter bond was formed among all the players as well as the coaches. They have realised that they have come together for a common purpose, to fight for their country, Malaysia.


Logistically, where do you think Team Malaysia lack back in Malaysia?

In terms of logistics, Malaysia still does lack in a few areas. But, we can’t take that as an excuse not to do better. I agree, logistically, it is hard to have frequent trainings together but that can’t stop us from still making an effort to train together. We must realise we’re not the only ones with logistical challenges, some even with distances further than ours.

Do you have anything to say to the endless support coming from back home?

A big thank you to all our supporters that have tirelessly supported and believed in us . I hope everyone can come to Manila for the 2019 Sea Games. We need your cheers and support at the tournament!

AOFC Cup 2019 : Post-Tournament Interview with Head Coach – Khor Kuan Yang

How do you think the boys have done throughout the entire tournament? Did they meet your expectations?

I think the boys did okay. Although there were a lot of areas that could have been better, especially on the aspects we had been focusing on during trainings.

As for meeting my expectations, yes and no. Yes for the execution of the system. No for not doing it consistently enough.


What were your expectations coming into the AOFC Cup 2019 and where do you think Team Malaysia went right/wrong in achieving/not achieving the goals?

The expectation for this AOFC Cup was to do well in the group and try to qualify for the Semi-Finals. I think we could have and can do better.


Overall, where do you think Team Malaysia has to work and improve on?

Everything. Fitness. Skills. Mental. But especially the system we want to execute as a team.


In 4 out of 5 games, Team Malaysia conceded first and then started to try and come back. How do you think Team Malaysia can overcome that?

I don’t think it is something that we can overcome overnight. These are experiences that needs to be gained through playing a lot high intensity and close games which we lack back home. Which is why tournaments like, the AOFC Cup is an important avenue to expose our players to these kind of games.

Having a team of roughly 7 debutants, do you think they have gotten enough exposure and experience after this tournament?

We try our best to play them as much as we can. But with an eye of playing our best lineups to win, some had limited playing time. Hopefully they still learnt through observing the games.


What are your thoughts now going back into training ahead of the 2019 Sea Games?

We have work to do! We have to start correcting and improving the details of the system we want to play so that we can execute them more consistently.

Do you have anything to say to those back home that have believed, supported and cheered Team Malaysia on?

Thank you and keep on supporting us!

AOFC Cup 2019 : Japan 9 – 5 Malaysia Post Match Interview with Mohamad Shukri

What did you think of the game and what did you think Malaysia could have improved on?

We were not playing our usual game. We needed  to be more consistent in our plays and convert more of our chances.


What were your thoughts going into the 3rd period, being 8-3 down?

I told myself that the scoreline did not matter and that we had to do our best for our country and to not give up. I knew I just to listen to the coaches and to play our game.


How has the entire tournament experience been for you?

Fantastic! All the games were of high intensity and it really helped me and my teammates improve and be more exposed to high pressure situations. I am definitely going back knowing what I have to work on and with lessons learnt.


Do you have anything to say to your fellow teammates that have been fighting alongside you for the past week?

It has been a great tournament and has been a pleasure and honour to represent the country with these bunch of people. Let’s do better and improve together for Sea Games 2019!

Do you have anything to say to those back home?

Thank you, for all the encouragement and support you have shown us! It truly has helped us throughout the tournament!

AOFC Cup 2019 : India 9 – 10 Malaysia Post Match Interview with Tristan James

What did you think of the game and what did you think Malaysia could have improved on?

I thought it was a pretty good game, though, the first period was pretty shaky because we weren’t sure what expect from India. We could have definitely improved in closing their their slot options and being more aggressive in defence while maintaining an aggressive attack. Also, we should have converted more of our chances into goals.


At the 10th minute mark of the 1st period, Team Malaysia was down 4 goals. What was going through your mind then?

We told ourselves to not let the scoreline affect us but to stay focused in the game. The coaches gave us our instructions, so we just had to keep our heads up, follow the instructions and make sure we didn’t give up.


What were your thoughts when the game ended 9-9 and had to go in to overtime?

Overtime is definitely nerve-wrecking because the next goal wins. The simplest of mistakes could be costly. The team was pretty confident, because we had just scored a last minute equaliser and were building momentum. We went in to overtime confident in our ability and managed to emerge victorious.


What do you think about your next opponents, Japan?

Japan is made up of relatively young and fast players. Japan will definitely be a tougher game. But I think, we have the ability to take them on and will definitely fight till the end

Do you have anything to say to those back home?

THANK YOU! It is truly heart-warming knowing that there are people supporting us back home. Please continue to show your support for Team Malaysia. We will do our best to make you proud!

AOFC Cup 2019 : Philippines 5 – 4 Malaysia Post Match Interview with Zephaniah Chong

What do you think about the game and where do you think Malaysia could have improved on?

It is always exciting to play against the home nation. It creates an “Us against the world feeling” and in this case both figuratively and literally. From the start of the tournament, we were looking forward to this game. As always for Malaysia, we need to be more clinical and hungry to get goals. That’s the only way we can win games.


In the third period, Team Malaysia came back from a 2-goal deficit. What was going through your mind then?

Even with 2 goals down we were confident in our ability to come back. As we are well drilled by the coach and trusted that their tactics would get us the goals that we needed. Also the fighting spirit of Team Malaysia is one of our biggest weapons.


Coming from such a heart-breaking loss, how are you and the boys holding up in preparation for the next game?

It was a tough defeat but the encouragements and motivation coming from each other is holding he team together. We dug ourselves in a deep hole and the only way out is by helping each other out. The team is going through their regular post match routine and preparing for the next game as usual as it will be a new day tomorrow.


What are your thoughts on your next opponent, India?

India plays a very interesting style of Floorball that is very exciting to watch so it will be nice to finally play against them. It will be the first time for me to play against India. I’m looking forward to it

Everyone back home has been showing tremendous support through social media and have been faithfully watching the live stream. What do you have to say to those back home?

Thank you! Thank you and Thank you! It is a privilege to put on the Malaysian flag on our chests and fight on the court knowing that all of you at home are supporting us through thick and thin.

AOFC Cup 2019 : Korea 3 – 5 Malaysia Post Match Interview with Lim Kai Sheng

What do you think of the match today and what do you think Team Malaysia did right?

The game was intense from the start as expected. We did what the coaches asked us to do and was discipline and more focused throughout the game.


At the end of the first period, Team Malaysia was down by 2 goals. What changed and ignited a comeback to eventually win the game?

The scoreline did not bother us too much, but definitely ignited a bigger passion to stay focused and to go in with aggression.


Team Malaysia has played 3 tough matches consecutively over the past 3 days. How is this affecting the team physically and mentally?

I think physically some of us have bruises and soreness but this is floorball and it’s normal. We do our stretches and cool down so we are fine. Mentally I think everyone is in high spirits and focused on the next game. The team is pretty united and are bonding together as one, giving each other support mentally and emotionally on and off court.


What are your thoughts going in to the Quarter-Finals?

We intend to keep this fire burning, so we are pretty focused going in to the next round.

Any words for your loved ones and the Malaysian fans back home?

Terima Kasih! Thanks for all the support you have shown us! We will do our best to make Malaysia proud! Ayuh, Malaysiaku!

AOFC Cup 2019 : Thailand 8 – 4 Malaysia Post Match Interview with Al Amin Mohd Zain

What do you think of the match today and what do you think Team Malaysia could have improved on?

Today’s match was very tough but served as good exposure for me. This is about the highest level I’ve ever played. Personally, I think the team should have been a bit more aggressive on the attack while also staying discipline in defence.


This AOFC Cup 2019 would be the debut for you as a national player, what has the experience been like?

Literally lost for words. The intensity is pretty nerve-wrecking but I am definitely learning and enjoying every moment of it.


In the third and final period, you made a total of 10 saves, more than the first and second period. What was going through your mind ahead of the third period?

Irrespective of the scoreline, after every goal that I conceded, I reset my mind because I knew I had a big responsibility. That drove me to do better.


What are your thoughts on the upcoming game against Korea?

On paper, Team Korea looks better than Thailand. So, it’s definitely going to be a tougher game for us.

Do you have anything to say to those back home cheering Team Malaysia on?

Well, thank you for the endless support everyone has shown us up to the final minutes of every game! Please continue to have faith in us! Thank you!

AOFC Cup 2019 : Malaysia 5 – 1 Pakistan Post Match Interview with Chiam Termin

What did you think of the game today against Pakistan and how do you think the team could’ve done better?

I think it was a very physical match. We made it hard for ourselves in the first two periods when we failed to convert our shots. As the game prolonged, we felt more of the pressure, so it was good to hit 3 goals in the 3rd period.

I think today we could have increased the tempo of the game by moving the ball around them more, and taking more shots at their goal.


In the second period, Pakistan scored an equaliser, what was going through your mind then?

I felt we needed to react positively and we had to react fast. I felt partly at fault for the goal, losing the ball in the middle, so I was extra determined for the team to get the goals back.


What are your thoughts on your upcoming game against Thailand?

It will be a different game that’s for sure.. Thailand will be much more technical, but they have many new faces, many new debutants as well so it will be interesting to see how they do for the first time without their European based players.

What do you have to say to those back home supporting Team Malaysia?

Keep the support coming from back home, be positive, supportive. It means a lot to the boys here, so continue watching the matches live and stand behind the team as we continue our AOFC campaign here in Manila.