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What do you think of the match today and what do you think Team Malaysia did right?

The game was intense from the start as expected. We did what the coaches asked us to do and was discipline and more focused throughout the game.


At the end of the first period, Team Malaysia was down by 2 goals. What changed and ignited a comeback to eventually win the game?

The scoreline did not bother us too much, but definitely ignited a bigger passion to stay focused and to go in with aggression.


Team Malaysia has played 3 tough matches consecutively over the past 3 days. How is this affecting the team physically and mentally?

I think physically some of us have bruises and soreness but this is floorball and it’s normal. We do our stretches and cool down so we are fine. Mentally I think everyone is in high spirits and focused on the next game. The team is pretty united and are bonding together as one, giving each other support mentally and emotionally on and off court.


What are your thoughts going in to the Quarter-Finals?

We intend to keep this fire burning, so we are pretty focused going in to the next round.

Any words for your loved ones and the Malaysian fans back home?

Terima Kasih! Thanks for all the support you have shown us! We will do our best to make Malaysia proud! Ayuh, Malaysiaku!