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What did you think of the game and what did you think Malaysia could have improved on?

We were not playing our usual game. We needed  to be more consistent in our plays and convert more of our chances.


What were your thoughts going into the 3rd period, being 8-3 down?

I told myself that the scoreline did not matter and that we had to do our best for our country and to not give up. I knew I just to listen to the coaches and to play our game.


How has the entire tournament experience been for you?

Fantastic! All the games were of high intensity and it really helped me and my teammates improve and be more exposed to high pressure situations. I am definitely going back knowing what I have to work on and with lessons learnt.


Do you have anything to say to your fellow teammates that have been fighting alongside you for the past week?

It has been a great tournament and has been a pleasure and honour to represent the country with these bunch of people. Let’s do better and improve together for Sea Games 2019!

Do you have anything to say to those back home?

Thank you, for all the encouragement and support you have shown us! It truly has helped us throughout the tournament!