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How has the tournament been from the first day to the last day?

I thought this tournament was a good one. We were really excited as this was our first AOFC Cup for the Mens’ Team. I think it served as good exposure for the team in preparation for the Sea Games 2019 in November.


How did you think the boys did in the AOFC Cup 2019?

We were trying hard to achieve our goal, which was to reach the Semi-Finals. However, we lacked consistency. I truly believe our team has the potential to come back stronger at the upcoming Sea Games 2019.


How have the boys bonded as a team since Day 1 up to now?

There’s definitely a difference in how the team have bonded thus far. At the early stages, there were a few players, especially the new ones who were still shy and nervous, coming in to the national squad. However, as time went by, with the help of coaches and fellow teammates, a tighter bond was formed among all the players as well as the coaches. They have realised that they have come together for a common purpose, to fight for their country, Malaysia.


Logistically, where do you think Team Malaysia lack back in Malaysia?

In terms of logistics, Malaysia still does lack in a few areas. But, we can’t take that as an excuse not to do better. I agree, logistically, it is hard to have frequent trainings together but that can’t stop us from still making an effort to train together. We must realise we’re not the only ones with logistical challenges, some even with distances further than ours.

Do you have anything to say to the endless support coming from back home?

A big thank you to all our supporters that have tirelessly supported and believed in us . I hope everyone can come to Manila for the 2019 Sea Games. We need your cheers and support at the tournament!